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Aromatherapy for Addiction Recovery in Perth Amboy, NJ

aromatherapy alternative treatment drug addiction recovery alcoholism Perth Amboy rehab substance abuse dependence Aroma Lamp With Burning Candle New Jersey Essential Oil Spa Room Many people may experience an addiction to a drug or alcohol. The first step in the recovery is the recognition of the problem. Aromatherapy can help addicted individuals manage discomforts and withdrawal symptoms easier. This therapy cannot cure addiction but it can make recovery more comfortable. Aromatherapy uses essential oils which are extr... Read More →

8 Reasons Not To Drink Alcohol Perth Amboy, NJ

drink alcohol abuse substance consumption use drinking addiction alcoholism dependence Perth Amboy rehabilitation center New Jersey rehab When people drink alcohol, it enters their bloodstream and causes several health effects. Therefore, alcohol consumption has both short and long-term effects on our health. The use of alcohol affects a person's decision-making, leads to dangerous actions, and impulsive or aggressive behavior. A high-probability scenario is the development of ... Read More →

Help for Prescription Drug Addiction

Perth Amboy substance abuse recovery center nj The prescription drug addiction saga just keeps getting more complex. This epidemic is so pervasive that almost everyone today knows someone who is dependent or has an addiction related to prescription medication. The horrendous statistics linked to prescription drugs is unfathomable. For instance a report issued last year revealed that the primary... Read More →

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