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What is Moral Reconation Therapy (MRT)?

Moral reconation therapy is a cognitive behavioral therapy system that is used to help people struggling with behavioral issues arising out of a weak moral compass. It is widely recognized by the medical community as scientific and evidence-based, and it has been used to great effect in rehabilitation programs for recovering drug and alcohol addicts.

Moral reconation therapy can offer a great deal of guidance and direction to recovering addicts, helping them stay safe from possible relapse. If you have a loved one recovering from drug addiction, and would like to help them, contact us at Drug Treatment Centers Perth Amboy at (732) 226-8913 to learn more about the possibilities.

How Does it Work?

For many addicts, life revolves around their drug use — finding a way to obtain their addictive substance of choice, using it, recovering from it and keeping it a secret. It is all they are able to involve themselves with. Moral reconation therapy, an idea that was first proposed by researchers in 1985, is a way to help addicts address their relationship with drugs by training them in strengthening their moral reasoning skills. Over time, with the right skills, they are able to see how a drug-obsessed life is one that lacks in the principles of right-mindedness, virtue and dignity, and understand that it needs to be rethought.

MRT is usually offered in individual and group counseling sessions. Participants are given exercises in the form of workbooks, to try in each session. They receive homework assignments, as well. Each workbook contains chapters that work on seven or eight different areas:

  • Patients learn to squarely confront their belief systems, their attitudes towards drugs, and behaviors that might be considered objectionable.
  • They learn to take an honest look at their social relationships — their friends and family
  • They learn to identify positive habits and behaviors, and to perform exercises that help them reinforce these behaviors.
  • They begin to form a more concrete identity of who they are as people.
  • Once they form an identity for themselves, they learn to enhance it.
  • They begin to learn to withdraw from a purely hedonistic lifestyle.
  • They begin to develop higher moral thinking and reasoning, and learn to delay gratification.

Moral reconation therapy is effective and proven to work with a wide range of addictive behaviors. Many drug and alcohol rehab clinics, though, offer sessions that last as little as a couple of hours, to a week. To help a loved one attempting to free themselves from addiction, call Drug Treatment Centers Perth Amboy at (732) 226-8913 to discuss with experts if moral reconation therapy may be the right approach.

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