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Many people wonder why those who are addicted to drugs or alcohol cannot simply quit on their own. When a person has a chemical dependency, multiple influences work together to make quitting difficult. To begin with, addictive substances change the brain’s chemistry, and psychologically modify the patient’s thinking. Researchers find close parallels between the thought processes seen in obsessive-compulsive disorder and addiction.

Additionally, in more than half of all cases of addiction, the patient suffers from a co-existing mental ailment that raises their vulnerability to addictive substances. An intervention by friends and family, medical detox, rehab and psychiatric care are the only hope. If you would like to know how medical detox can help, call Drug Treatment Centers Perth Amboy at (732) 226-8913 for a friendly consultation.

Alcohol and drugs are addictive because they hijack the brain’s reward center. The evolutionary aim of the brain’s limbic system is to reinforce positive, life-affirming actions such as working, looking for food, raising one’s family and helping one’s community. When a person performs these actions, the limbic system produces a neurotransmitter called dopamine to produce pleasure and satisfaction, and to psychologically reinforce the desire to perform these actions. Alcohol and drugs chemically redirect the limbic system, and force it to release dopamine on demand. This method forces the system to learn a deeply positive association to these substances, thus creating dependency.

Withdrawing from these substances becomes difficult because they chemically alter and damage the brain’s ability to function on its own. When the patient attempts to withdraw, uncomfortable, and sometimes life-threatening symptoms may arise. Medical oversight is recommended in order for this process to be successful.

How Does Medical Detox Work?

In medical detox, patients are placed in a drug-free environment, and are given sedatives and other drugs to help calm the brain and body as it undergoes withdrawal effects. Patients can be spared the depression, suicidal obsession, intense cravings and other effects that they normally would experience when denied their addictive substance. During medical detox, patients are also closely monitored for physical withdrawals symptoms – tremors, restlessness, loss of appetite, blood pressure abnormalities, arrhythmia and so on, and administered medication to restore normal function.

Medications Used for Medical Detoxification

Doctors at Drug Treatment Centers Perth Amboy can administer various medications for withdrawal, depending on the patient’s symptoms and their severity. Some of the drugs commonly used in the detox process include:


  • Methadone to suppress opiate withdrawal symptoms and relieve cravings
  • Clonidine to reduce agitation and anxiety and relieve aches and cramps
  • Subutex to shorten the duration of the detox process
  • Paxil to reduce symptoms like depression and insomnia


  • Bupropion (Zyban) is often administered to reduce cravings and depressive symptoms associated with stimulant withdrawal.


  • Sedative withdrawal involves weaning the body from the drug over time to prevent uncomfortable or dangerous symptoms.


  • Paxil to alleviate insomnia and reduce depression
  • Neurotonin to treat seizures
  • Antabuse to cause uncomfortable symptoms when alcohol is ingested
  • Chantix to help alleviate cravings

Why Residential Detox is Always Best

Although outpatient detox has benefits and can be highly successful for some patients, inpatient detoxification is always better due to the ability to focus solely on drug treatment and relapse prevention. Inpatient detox ensures around-the-clock care, and additional services are available that outpatient programs don’t provide, such as restorative yoga classes, nutritious meals, and group sessions that provide peer support.

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