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For decades, medical professionals believed that addiction to drugs or alcohol was nothing more than moral weakness; if an addict would simply put his mind to it, it was thought that he could break free, and be normal. The reality is that drug addiction rehab is essential for addressing and treating the causes and symptoms of substance dependence.

A state of addiction is considered a mental disorder today. Drug addiction rehab is no longer about trying to shame patients out of addiction; advanced medications are used to detoxify patients, and the latest in psychotherapy helps patients gain the skills they need to overcome the long-lasting psychological damage that drugs bring about.

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Different Types of Addiction

Modern medical science finds that one in four people with serious mental disorders also have concurrent serious addiction problems. Seen another way, more than 50% of those with addiction problems have co-occurring mental health disorders that compound their problems and are often the primary reason for their affinity to drugs. Substance abuse and addiction, then, should be seen in two ways — the kind that is caused by a mental health disorder, and the kind that occurs on its own.

Often, people who fall prey to substance abuse are also at risk of secondary addictions such as gambling or eating disorders. The very mental disorders that thrust them towards drug abuse also make them vulnerable to these other conditions.

Whether a patient suffers from addiction alone, or with a co-occurring mental health addiction or disorder, a good rehab clinic will always diagnose all of them together, and draw up a plan where they can either be all treated together, or one after another in quick succession.

Treatment Options

Drug and Alcohol Rehab Centers offers patients two kinds of treatment: residential treatment and outpatient treatment. While allowing patients to live at home through a recovery program may certainly work in some cases, it tends to fail with patients who aren’t extremely committed, which is admittedly a rare occurrence. More often than not, people who suffer from addictive disorders need the drug-free environment of a residential facility and the constant monitoring, therapy and care that they provide.


An intervention is a well-planned, formal meting. Loved ones will often need to bring together a large number of people who have a deep interest in the addict’s welfare. Co-workers, members of the addict’s church, friends, family and a professional interventionist should be present to gently and yet firmly bring the addict around.

Intervention Models

  • The systemic method: In the systemic approach, the intervention is modeled in a way to make the addict see that it is the addiction that is the enemy, not him. The patient is invited to learn about the science of addiction. Seeing what happens in the brain can be a powerful way to counter the lapses in reason that drugs cause.
  • ARISE: The ARISE intervention model makes use of a certified interventionist with specific training in the ARISE model. Loved ones hopeful of staging a successful intervention accept training in various compassionate methods of convincing an addict of the necessity of rehab.

It takes a great deal of commitment and dedication to help a loved one out of addiction. Knowledge is your ally here. The more you know, the better you are able to handle the process. Call Drug Treatment Centers Perth Amboy at (732) 226-8913 for any information you may need.

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