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Alcohol is one of the most dangerous substances known to man. Young people who abuse alcohol are seven times as likely as those who don’t, to move on to illegal drugs. Nearly one out of two violent crimes are performed under the influence of alcohol. Alcohol abuse also results in thousands of deaths and hundreds of thousands of emergency room admissions. Considering that nearly 7% of Americans abuse alcohol, these effects are frightening. While modern alcoholism treatment does work well, many tend to find the concept confusing.

How does alcoholism treatment work? How does alcohol addiction even happen? If you are interested in offering alcoholism treatment to a loved one, you’ll need to understand the answers to these questions. Once you read this guide, call Drug Treatment Centers Perth Amboy at (732) 226-8913 for help.

Abuse vs. Addiction

Alcohol forces the brain to release dopamine in great quantities, and on demand. With the release of dopamine, the brain automatically learns the action that caused it — in this case, the use of alcohol. This “learning” turns out to be the addiction.

Alcohol abuse isn’t the same as addiction; but it can lead to dependence over a period of time. Alcohol abusers usually continue to drink uncontrollably in spite of getting into trouble with the law, at work or with their families. They nevertheless do have a certain amount of control over themselves. Once the brain crosses the line into full-blown addiction, self-control becomes a thing of the past.

Symptoms of Alcoholism

  • Cravings: When addicted to alcohol, the brain is forced to form a deep positive connection between alcohol and feelings of well-being. Medical science now draws similarities between addiction and obsessive-compulsive disorder — the thought patterns tend to be the same.
  • Physical dependence: As addiction progresses, physical symptoms begin to show up. A constantly upset stomach, indigestion, poor libido, the appearance of spider veins and poor appetite can be early symptoms. Over time, these get far worse. Blackouts become a possibility.

If left untreated, the physical symptoms of alcohol addiction can lead to extremely serious health conditions. Cirrhosis begins to set in early on, and gastric cancer becomes a possibility.

Alcoholism Treatment

  • Detoxification: When patients first enter alcohol rehab, doctors evaluate them, and place them in medical detox— a supportive, alcohol-free environment. Doctors use various approaches to help minimize the withdrawal effects as the body cleanses itself. Drugs such as disulfiram (Antabuse) can help the patient lose their physical dependency.
  • Therapy: The detoxification process helps the body and brain cleanse themselves, and to regain some of their equilibrium. The cravings may still appear from time to time, and the pre-existing mental illnesses or weaknesses that pushed him to alcohol use may start working again. At Drug Treatment Centers, patients participate in therapy sessions, and are given the skills they need to resist the temptation to turn to alcohol. This is the most important part of rehab.

If you or someone you love is in need of addiction treatment, call Drug Treatment Centers Perth Amboy at (732) 226-8913 for guidance.

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